I am an Information Technology professional who enjoys the ever changing nature of technology and challenges it presents. I am passionate about it in both my professional and personal life. I enjoy the process of honing my existing skills, learning new ones and reaching out beyond my knowledge set.

My largest interests lie in networking and in open source solutions. How data moves from one place to another has always interested me. Whether it be through Ethernet, radio signals or electrical systems. The process of shaping, securing and simply passing data from one point to another is a true passion of mine. I also love the Open Source community. From organized and well executed products and services by Google, to the brand new “experimental” solutions that exist. The open source platforms I am most familiar with are Android, ChromeOS, ChromiumOS, Neverware, FreeNAS, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Please feel free to peruse through the rest of the site to look further into open source, other interests and opportunities.