Open Source

Open your mind with open source. There are alternatives to spending big bucks on proprietary software. The Open Source concept has been around since the invention of computers. Open source software is open for customization and often can be found free of charge. Whether you have a computer that you want to use that no longer has a valid operating system or you just want to break away from proprietary software, open source can be the alternative for you. There is a solution ... and it is open to the public.

Currently there are several versions of the Linux Operating System, a few versions of the Chromium Operating System and many variations on the Android Operating System that are free of charge to download and install on your computer or Android device. Interested in finding out more?

Email or visit any of the following links:

For information on Chromium Operating System visit

For information on Linux Operating System visit

For information on Android Operating System

Should you have an interest in installing any of these operating systems on a device you own, please feel free to contact me.